Zero In Moth Balls Clothes Spray and Hanging Moth Killer

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  • Zero In Clothes Moth Spray with Moth Balls and Hanging Moth Killer Unit
  • Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Spray with Floral Fragrance 300ml
  • Zero In Moth Balls with Lavender Fragrance 10 Balls
  • Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Unit 2 Pack

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Keep moths at bay for at least 6 months with our Triple Pack Moth Kit from Zero In. This kit includes three different effective methods to prevent and kill clothes moths in your home.

The kit contains the following:

1 x Clothes Moth Killer 300ml Aerosol ZER434
1 x Moth Balls 10 Balls ZER436
1 x Moth Killer Hanging Unit 2 Pack ZER432

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