The Big Cheese Rat Glue Traps Twin Pack

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Keep Rats and Mice at bay with this Twin Pack of STV Rat Glue Traps. Designed to guarantee results where traditional traps, poisons and repellents have failed, they are suitable for use in homes, gardens, food preparation premises, restaurants, and just about any other areas where rodents are causing problems.

Poison Free, STV Rat Glue Traps are ideal for use in areas where rat poisons may be impractical, although extreme caution should be used when children and pets are present. To use, simply remove the protective layer and place the rodent glue traps in problem areas.

Suitable for Use in Poison-Sensitive Areas
Quick and Effective
Pack Included 2 x Rat Glue Traps
Poison Free
Dimensions: 29cm x 14cm

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